Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Awareness Earrings

April is Autism awareness month

These earrings are made from soda cans and a craft punch. 
April 2nd is national Autism Awareness Day. 
Remember to support Autism by putting a blue light in your outdoor house lights.

Autism Awareness Bracelet

April is Autism awareness month

Monday, March 5, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hair Bow

I made some hair bows for the girls today for St. Patrick's Day.

Supplies you will need:
Green Yarn (Paddy Green is what I used)
Crochet Hook (Size H)
Green Felt
Alligator  Clip
Green Ribbon
Gold Buttons (I used 7/8")
Glue Gun

Start with you loop and hook and chain 5.

Slip stitch into the first loop of the chain to make a small circle.

* Chain 4

Slip stitch into center of circle making one loop.  Repeat from * until there are four loops around the original circle.

* Slip stitch into the first loop.

Make 5 double crochet in the first loop and a slip stitch at the end.  Repeat from * in the next three loops to make the clover leaves.

# When you have completed the last slip stitch in the fourth loop do one more slip stitch where the first loop connects with the original circle. You will be working on the back side of the clover from now on.

 * Chain 5 and slip stitch into the base of the second loop.  Repeat from the * until there are four new loops.


* Slip Stitch into first loop, 7 double crochet, slip stitch.  Repeat from * into next three loops.
Repeat instructions from #.  Increasing chain to 6 and there are 9 double crochets in the last loops to make the last layer of leaves.  When you have finished the last slip stitch do one more slip stitch at the base of the leaves where they connect to the circle.  Pull you thread long and cut it.

Turn clover over.  Pull original tail through the middle and thread a button on it.

Put the end of the tail back through the middle circle and tie it off with the other tail.  Snip the treads.

Using your glue gun cover you alligator clip with ribbon.  Cut a round circle from your felt large enough to cover up the stitch work on the back or you clover.  Cut a small rectangle of felt.

Glue the small circle of felt on the back of the clover.  Put glue on the rectangle and place on the bottom side of the alligator clip and glue it to the round piece of felt on the back of the clover.

Enjoy your festive hair accessory.  These look cute on baby head bands or just in your hair.

St. Patrick's Day hair scrunchie

A cute hair scrunchie for St. Patrick's Day.  I got the pattern at

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sun Chip Bag Purse

This purse was made out of "Sun Chip" bags.  I gathered all these chip bags from a school function.  They made a really fancy evening purse.